Bylaws of the Rotary E-Club of Central Texas

Article 1. Definitions

Board: The Board of Directors of this club.
Director: A member of this club’s Board of Directors.
Member: A member, other than an honorary member, of this club.
Quorum: One-third of the club membership; a majority of directors for the Board.
RI: Rotary International.
Year: The 12-month period that begins on 1 July.


Article 2. Board

The governing body of this club is the Board consisting of nine members that include the president, immediate past president, president-elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer, internet communications director and two at- large directors. The Board may elect additional members from year to year.


Article 3. Elections and Terms of Office

Section 1 One month prior to the elections of officer and directors, members may nominate candidates for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and director positions. The nominations may be presented by a nominating committee, by members or both. The Nominating Committee shall consist of all Past Presidents, but no less than three. If there are less than three Past Presidents active in the club, then the Board can appoint additional members.
Section 2 The candidate who receives a majority of the votes for each office is declared elected to that office.
Section 3 A vacancy on the Board or any office shall be filled by the remaining members of the Board.
Section 4 A vacancy of any officer-elect position or director-elect position shall be filled by the remaining members of the Board-elect.
Section 5 All officers will serve a one year term. On an annual basis, directors may be nominated for an additional term not to exceed three consecutive terms in total.


Article 4. Duties of the Board

Section 1 President: The president shall preside at club and Board meetings. The President shall perform other duties as pertain to the office.
Section 2 Immediate Past President: The immediate past president shall serve as a director.
Section 3 President-elect: The president-elect shall prepare for their year in office and serve as a director.
Section 4 Vice President: The vice president shall preside at club and Board meetings in the absence of the president.
Section 5 Director: A director shall attend club and Board meetings.
Section 6 Secretary: The secretary shall keep membership and attendance records.
Section 7 Treasurer: The treasurer shall oversee all funds and provide annual accounting of these funds.
Section 8 Board members may perform additional duties as assigned.
Additional duties and responsibilities are located in Rotary club leader manuals.


Article 5. Meetings

Meetings will normally be conducted via electronic communications that are asynchronous meetings. This can include but is not limited to video chat, web, electronic groups, chat room and discussion forum.
Section 1 Annual Meeting. An annual meeting of this club shall be held no later than 31 December to elect the officers and directors who will serve for the next Rotary year.
Section 2 Synchronous meetings of this club commence at the time of posting on the club website on Monday. Due notice of any changes in or canceling of this type of meeting shall be given to all members of the club. All members must be counted as present or absent during this type of meeting.
Section 3 Board meetings are held each month. Special meetings of the Board are called with reasonable notice by the president or upon the request of two directors.


Article 6. Fees and Dues

Section 1 The admission fee, as established by RI and/or the club, shall be paid before the applicant can qualify as a member.
Section 2 Membership dues shall consist of RI per capita dues, subscription fees to The Rotarian magazine, district per capita dues, club annual dues, and any other Rotary or district per capita assessment. Club annual dues shall be in the amount of $200. Membership dues shall be payable in accordance with the policies of the club as established by the Board.
Section 3 The club may waive club dues and admission fees for members under the age of 35.


Article 7. Method of Voting

The business of this club shall be transacted by electronic ballot and a response from at least one-half of the clubs active membership shall be required to validate the vote. The election of officers and directors is conducted by electronic ballot. The Board may provide an electronic ballot for a vote on a specific resolution.


Article 8. Committees

Section 1 Club committees coordinate their efforts in order to achieve the club’s annual and long-range goals. The club shall have the following committees:

  • Administration
  • Membership
  • Service
  • Youth Service
  • Rotary Foundation

Section 2 Additional committees may be appointed as needed.
Section 3 The president shall be ex officio a member of all committees and, as such, shall have all the privileges of membership.
Section 4 Except where special authority is given by the Board, committees shall not take action until a report has been made and approved by the Board. The president or the Board shall refer additional business to a specific committee as needed.
Section 5 Each chair shall be responsible for regular meetings and activities of the committee, shall supervise and coordinate the work of the committee, and shall report to the Board on all committee activities.


Article 9. Finances

Section 1 Prior to each fiscal year, the Board shall prepare an annual budget of estimated income and expenditures.
Section 2 The treasurer shall deposit club funds in financial institution(s) designated by the Board, divided into two parts: club operations and service projects.
Section 3 Bills are paid by the treasurer or another authorized officer when approved by two other officers or directors.
Section 4 A thorough annual review of all financial transactions shall be completed by a qualified person.
Section 5 An annual financial statement of the club shall be provided to club members.
Section 6 The fiscal year is from 1 July to 30 June.


Article 10. Method of Electing Members

Section 1 A member shall provide a candidate’s name to the Board. A transferring or former member of another club may also be proposed for membership by the former club. The proposal is kept confidential unless the Board instructs otherwise.
Section 2 The Board shall ensure that the candidate meets all of Rotary’s membership requirements.
Section 3 The Board shall approve or reject the candidate’s membership within 30 days and shall notify the proposer of its decision.
Section 4 If the decision of the Board is favorable, the prospective member is invited to join the club, educated about Rotary and membership requirements, and asked to sign the membership proposal form and to allow his or her name and proposed classification to be conveyed to the club.
Section 5 If no member of the club submits a written objection including reasons for the objection, to the Board within seven days after the club is notified of the prospective member, that person, upon payment of the admission fee, is considered to be elected to membership. If an objection has been filed with the Board, the club shall vote on this matter at its next meeting. If approved despite the objection, the proposed member is elected to membership after admission fee payment.
Section 6 The club may elect honorary members proposed by the Board.


Article 11. Resolutions

Any resolutions or motions to commit the club to any position or action shall first be reviewed and approved by the Board. If resolutions or motions are first offered at a club meeting, they shall be sent to the Board without discussion.


Article 12. Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular club meeting. Changing the club bylaws requires that written notice be sent to each member 10 days before the meeting, that a quorum be present for the vote, and that two-thirds of the votes support the change. Changes to these bylaws must be consistent with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, the RI Constitution and Bylaws, and the Rotary Code of Policies.